Car Booster Seat

Graduated from the infant car seat to the convertible and now to the booster!  Wow, did that fly by!  I’ve been looking into a booster seat for my Abby, and of course non-toxic and safer.

As indicated on, “Top rated companies in the study, Britax and Clek, have been proactively implementing policies to reduce hazards in their products while still meeting all safety standards. The poorest performing company was Graco.”

In the past, there were some reports that the Clek brand contained toxins despite their product marketing. However, I reached out to the company and they are making strides to phase out chemically treating their car seats.

Here’s my list for the best non-toxic, safer booster car seats:

Clek Oober

  • Fabric is Greengaurd Select Certified (safer, but they use a “super fabric” that is stain resistant.  This is slightly treated).
  • No use of any brominated or chlorinated flame retardants.
  • Seats are recyclable and their program  is offered through their site.  This is excellent because it won’t end up in our landfills!
  • Comes in a variety of colors like capri.  Do not get the “drift” color.  I found out that the drift color is currently treated with chemicals.


When Abby was born, we had an Britax infant car seat.  Later, that year after massive amounts of reserach I found out that Britax had one of the most toxic car seats in the business.   Fast forward 3 years later, after all the scrutiney that the company faced and their commitment to phasing out harmful chemicals, listed this booster seat as being tested the least toxic.