Toilet Training

Potty time.  At our first baby shower, one of our guests gifted us with a potty!  I thought that, wow, don’t we have some time?  Time flies by folks, and so so fast!  We were so thankful and it was really cute.   It was a Fisher Price, pink princess potty that made a “tad-da, yay” sound when my daughter would go #1 or #2. The first time Abby used it, she was terrified and had to start over with introducing her to the potty and promising that it wasn’t evil.   So, as much as the potty was pretty and had some bells and whistles to it, lesson learned was that simple is best.  Simplicity at its best: a potty that is made of high quality plastic and non-toxic.  All items are ergonomically designed and PVC and BPA free.  Here’s the list to help your toddler with potty time:

All toilets are huge for your toddler to use.  This Seat cover fits over top the toilet seat.

Two types of potty chairs:

  • Potty Chair.  This one has a high back (splash guard) and may be best for boys if you choose to teach them standing up!  Starting out, they may be more comfortable sitting on the potty, but I do know one mom that told me her boy wanted to stand up like daddy and so…he went!
  • We have two of these potty chairs.  Love how they are somewhat compact to take along with you and has a strong grip lining at the bottom.

The step stool has been an awesome investment.  It’s lightweight and has a grip surface.