Taming Toddler Curls using safe hair care products

Abby, her Minnie dress and curls :).  2016.


When I was home for the Christmas holiday, my husband tamed my 4 year old’s curls with leave in Patene conditioner and Abby immediately complained about the smell.  After 4 washings that night and get this, 4 DAYS afterwards, the smell was still lingering.  I looked at the ingredients and of course it has all the bad stuff that can be harmful to children.

My daughter’s hair is fine, thin and curly.  I wanted to find a smoothing conditioner that doesn’t have any synthetic fragrances, colors or chemicals and of course paraben and phthalate free.

Here’s one that I would recommend:

Babo Botanicals


Abby’s hair came out super soft and manageable!  I looked up every ingredient and checked against the EWG site.  It’s dematologist tested, allergy tested which was important since Abby has super sensitive skin.  No synthetic colors or fragrances.  Free from nut oils, parabens, phthalates, dairy, soy and gluten.  Also vegan friendly!

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