Non-toxic Baby Wipes

Water, a little essential oil and a reusable washcloth is always the best option and the most eco friendly choice.  However, I did that and found the constant cleaning and disinfecting of the washcloths were time consuming.  The use of the washcloth is good approach during home diaper changes, but for me it wasn’t convenient when we were out and about with baby.  If you want to stick to the most eco friendly approach, I used a small wipes dispenser and filled it with unbleached paper towels drenched in water and lavender oil (80%/10% mixture).

Because baby goes through many diaper changes in one day, it’s best to use non-toxic formula wipes.  Especially for newborns, the area is so sensitive and delicate.  With my Abby, she had extremely sensitive skin along with eczema and had a reaction to the Pampers brand wipes that were provided by the hospital.

Here’s a list of non-toxic baby wipes that are safe for baby.

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