Non-toxic and Eco Friendly Pregnancy/Body Pillows

Abby’s “bottle” pillow 🙂

When I was pregnant with my second, I had gained 50 lbs from my normal non-preggie weight.   I know. 50 lbs. Each pregnancy was different – my first I gained around 25 and think that was because of my severe morning sickness! So with the second one, when I would lay down, I could never find a comfortable position and kept readjusting.   Towards the end of my second trimester I was waking up so often and had back pain.  I broke down and purchased a body pillow.  Whoa.  Why did I wait so long to get one!   The pillow helped provide support and comfort while you sleep….which you will needs lots of before the baby comes!  Looking back, it would have saved me from discomfort even with my first pregnancy.   I was trying to be frugal and used regular pillows, because I thought, I would never use a body pillow ever again.   Wrong.   It’s been sitting along our headboard and provides lumbar support when I’m reading in bed and Abby loved it for other reasons of her own (see picture above).  Also, after a long day on my feet chasing the kids, I plop the body behind my legs and wha-la!  I currently cannot recommend one traditional pregnancy body pillow that wraps around.   An alternative is getting a non-toxic, non-synthetic body pillow and use a regular pillow for your head and wha-la.  Your own make shift wrap around pillow WITHOUT all the synthetic materials off gasing.

Here are the top non-toxic body pillows to help you throughout your pregnancy. These do not have the chemicals or synthetic materials as compared to pillows from the other companies!  Warning:  these are pricy but found it well worth the investment because of the quality materials used, environmentally conscious company that manufactures it and the use it provided after my son was born!

Certified Organic Cotton Body Pillow

Different from the one above, this pillow is cotton filled. Some people are sensitive to wool and may not like the slight “farmy” smell that is somewhat noticeable when you first get the pillow. (BTW, the “farmy” smell goes away over time and is not harmful).

  • Medium-firm
  • Non-toxic, organic, naturally free of Phthalates, latex, lead and BPA
  • Flatter pillow than the wool body pillow
  • Wool filled that is evenly dispersed so it does not shift around with use
  • Made in the USA

Pure Certified Organic Wool Body Pillow

Untraditional to the traditional body pillows that wrap around (and probably won’t get use post-natal), its’ still such a great choice because it will help you sleep better at night. Stuffed with organic certified wool with and organic cotton cover.

  • A balance of soft and firmness
  • Non-toxic, organic, natural
  • Wool filled that is evenly dispersed so it does not shift around with use
  • Comparative feel to a poly-fil pillow
  • Made in the USA

All natural latex pillow

I have two of these pillows. It’s shredded latex and a little on the “frumpy side”, but find that it gives medium support.

  • 100% organic cotton cover
  • All natural latex. It’s not organic but I confirmed that they are made from 100% All natural plant-based ingredients and contain no memory foam, synthetic latex, off gassing or toxic chemicals.

2 thoughts on “Non-toxic and Eco Friendly Pregnancy/Body Pillows

  1. Can you recommend any eco-friendly pillows that don’t contain wool? I am allergic so cannot wear or sleep with wool fibres.

    1. Hi Claire! Sorry for the late reply, my site was down. There is one eco-friendly pillow that I can vouch for and have two in my home. It’s latex and posted a link above. Thanks for your question!

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