Crib Mobile

A crib mobile not only gives babies something interesting to gaze at but also introduces multi-sensory and visual development. Some mobiles can also be used for strollers and car seats (what I did for both my kids) to keep them entertained while on the go! Important components to look out for include color, appeal, movement and learning benefits.

Here are some of the best non-toxic, and some organic mobiles:

Wee Gallery Mobile- Photo Mobile

Allows you to create your own mobile. It’s suitable for any age or nursery décor. As baby grows, you will get to use the kit to display favorite pictures or any other display that matches the child’s room décor. Also perfect for photos or wee gallery art cards. Made of metal so no off gassing of any sort.


Manhattan Toy Wimmer-Ferguson Infant Stim Mobile (To Go Travel Toy)

LOVE THIS.  This mobile attaches to infant carriers, car seats, and strollers with the sturdy plastic clamp.  This was my mobile of choice for both my babies and they were entranced every time I put them in their infant car seat. What’s the attraction? High contrast with black and white and colored graphics for multi- sensory and visual development. Has 3 reversible cards display. The black and white graphics are on one side and the color images on the other.

Recommended for 0 to 5 months.


Manhattan Toy Wimmer-Ferguson Infant Stim-Mobile

Another Manhattan Toy mobile is the infant stim mobile. It has10 interchangeable cards offering a range of simple to complex colored patterns. The graphic cards are labeled by age so as to guide the users on the recommended graphics as the child’s vision develops. Comes with adjustable cords to allow you to alter the distance between the cards and the baby. Recommended age 0-4 years.


HABA Mobile Little Friends Pure Nature

This simple mobile is made from high-quality cotton produced through controlled organic farming. This could go with any nursery theme since it’s neutral colored. And it’s washable.

Recommended for ages 0 to 12 months


PlanToys Plan Preschool Rattle Mobile Baby

I had this mobile for my second child. It’s so versatile: 3 toys in 1: Rattle, mobile, and grasping toy. It contains many different shapes and colors giving baby many beneficial options to play with.  According to PlanToys it uses E-zero glue, made from rubber wood and is painted using nontoxic soy paint.

Other Recommended Nursery Mobiles: