Changing Pad

So I’ll say that I used a toxic changing pad that was given to me for our shower and never ended up replacing because I found myself using a towel or a wool pad/blanket to lay down baby for changing time.   Wool is naturally resistant to stains/spills and depending on the wool, washing machine friendly.  If you want to go for an affordable option, visit your local Army/Navy military surplus store and they have a plethora of wool blankets to choose from!  Granted most are large sizes, but this was the route I took.

If you want a standard changing pad for the nursery, there’s one I can recommend:

Naturepedic Changing Pad

Pretty pricy for a changing pad (~$100), but if you want to splurge, this would be an option.

Organic Cotton Changing Pad features a luxurious organic cotton fabric clear with a clear 100 polyethylene food-grade waterproof coating non-allergenic and easy-to-clean.