Gabriel, my teether monster at 1 year with full frontals!  And a little gummy smile left 🙂  Used every teether listed below!


Sophie the Giraffe

One organic toy super perfect for teething babies is Sophie the Giraffe. Vulli’s “Sophie the Giraffe” is made with food grade paints and 100% natural rubber (free of BPA and Phthalates). It has several parts for the baby to both explore and soothe gum while providing many hours of entertainment. It also has a small squeaking tummy for additional stimulation and fun for baby.

Maple Teethers

Maple Teethers are wooden teethers made of sustainable and smoothly harvested durable maple wood. It has no chemical finishes and is the ideal size for little hands to grip.It fits just right in the baby’s mouth to soothe gums.

Gentle teething wafers

The quickly dissolving, organic teething biscuits are the perfect first snack for babies growing gums. Made from jasmine rice flour and with a touch of organic fruits and vegetables, gentle teething wafers contain zero artificial flavors for truly happy and cheerful smiles, soothing and delightful for kids.

One very pleasant flavor is the fast-dissolving blueberry & purple carrot flavor. These teething wafers are just the perfect and right first snack for babies developing gums. They are made from jasmine rice flour and a touch of vegetables, and organic fruits, to both soothe and delight the child.

Under the Nile toy

Made at fair trade farm in Egypt with absolutely no AZO colorants, BPA, flame retardants, formaldehyde, fragrance, PVC, or lead and Made from 100% Egyptian organic cotton and safe to chew.  Both my babies loved chewing on string so this safe toy emulated that!

CHUBBY GUMMY Gum massaging teether

These gum massaging teethers can ease the baby’s teething trouble while teaching them early dental hygiene habits. The wide handle and nubs introduce your child to a toothbrush, while the anti-choke shield help in preventing your baby from over inserting. Soft-textured nubs relieve achy gums, and the easy-to-hold handle is the perfect size for their little grips. CHUBBY GUMMY is made with polypropylene (PP) and thermoplastic rubber which are both safe materials that are phthalate & BPA free.

Miyim Rattle Organic Cotton Soft Toy

This adorable plush rattle is made with certified organic cotton.  Innocuous enough to go in your child’s mouth, it is a healthy and safe baby toy with a low impact dye process that is made from certified organic and non-toxic cotton fabric.  It can be machine-washed in cold water with mild soap and air dried.

Muslin Blankie Teether

Made from Organic Cotton, it promotes oral development and Soothes the baby gums. Babies will surely love the soothing Muslin Blankie Teether because it gives further relief to baby’s sensitive and swollen gums. The blanket is made from organic cotton with azo-free dyes, formaldehyde-free, and the silicone teether is BPA and PVC-free for baby’s all-round well-being and health. The blanket is comforting and soft to cuddle, and the knots and silicone teether on each end of the blanket are quite comfortable to hold, and it helps in soothing teething gums. The silicone teether is detachable from the blanket, so it makes it very easy to clean.

Frozen washcloth – home remedy (Burts’s Bees or Green Sprouts)

This was a favorite.  All you do is soak the washcloth in water, wring a little out and put it in the freezer.  Gabe went to town on this one and was his favorite second to the silicone spoon!  Always supervise with the frozen washcloth – the cloths are big enough not to fit entirely in their mouths, but they may try and can be a choking hazard.

Silicone spoon

Simple enough to take anywhere, my babies loved chewing on this!

Lifefactory silicone teether and Panda teether

My second one liked this OK.


Other recommended teethers (have not tested, but other mom friends liked):