When Abby was still taking her bottle, people would always stop to ask about the metal bottle.  Starting out, I shad the medela plastic bottles that came with the pump and had the sterilizing bags that came with it.  Even though they were marketed as BPA free, I now realize that steaming the plastics bottles could release some chemicals from my BPA free plastic bottles.

You see, many plastics contain endocrine disrupting chemicals that can be harmful to young children and pregnant women.  The chemical you hear most about is called bisphenol-a (BPA).  BPA is often found in hard plastics and even coatings of metal food cans and drink cans.  It can behave in a similar way to estrogen and other hormones in the human body.  It’s an endocrine disruptor, interfering the natural hormone function.

There are other plastic based chemicals in BPA free bottles that can be just as harmful, so plastic products that are just labeled as BPA free are not necessarily so safe.  In a recent study conducted, it was found that BPA free plastics contain potentially other harmful substances like bisphenol-S (BPS).

Silicone and stainless steel are better alternatives since the material is durable enough where substances cannot be leached.

Here’s my latest list on the best safest, non-toxic baby bottles:


I really like this bottle. Both my kids used the infant bottles and you can continue to use the insulated stainless steel bottle portion when they grow.  This brand features unique Baby Grows…Bottle Evolves™ technology. The silicone mouthpiece is replaceable (nipple, spout, straw, flat cap, Big Mouth Sport top, plus others in development!). So you can go from infant/baby bottle to toddler sport sippy cup. Definitely one of my favorites.


I had this bottle with my first child. It is clunky and heavy since it’s purely glass. No worries about shattering the bottle when baby drops it on the ground since it comes with a silicone sleeve. Glass is 100% recyclable. Silicone nipples and glass baby bottles are made in France.   The cap/ring/stopper set and solid flat caps are now made in the USA!!

Thinkbaby (plastic and stainless steel)

I really did a TON of research on plastic baby bottles and this is the only one I’d recommend.  I had a plastic one that Gabe used.  Thinkbaby is a BCorporation certified which means that this Company has been recognized for highest standards of social and environmental performance.  I used the All in One set plastic version and they came out with a stainless steel baby feeding line as well. The BPA free line transitions from newborn to 4+ years of age.