How to get your baby to sleep!

My youngest was a clingy, needy, and an active baby. I now realize that there were things I should not have done that, were in fact, keeping my baby awake. For example, rocking him to sleep. I hired a baby sleep expert and she gave me a few tips that helped. Like getting them in a completely dark room and putting a chair next to his crib and wait for him to fall asleep. However, these took a long time to “work.” I came across a child psychologist’s research and program that enlighted me!

Her baby sleep program is truly a miracle and has helped parents all over the world and is stemmed from research conducted by Stanford University and Harvard University. For a fraction of what I paid the in-person sleep expert, her program was easy to apply and life-changing. She also has advice to help older children with night terrors.

She gives you tips to help calm your baby. I was surprised by these tips, but they work! They are drug-free and can help set a healthy baseline for your child’s mental health.

To learn more about her program, click here.

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