I’ve been blessed with two beautiful children and a loving husband. They are all “cooperating” with me as they learn and understand all the dramatic changes we’ve made towards a non-toxic and clean lifestyle.

I’m an eco-conscious mama and housewife. Previously, I didn’t pay attention to the toxins in our food, environment and homes and consistently was sick from it. I regrettably followed our super sized culture.
I wasn’t sure what the big deal was about genetically modified foods (GMOs), food dyes, BPA, phthalates or flame retardants. All of this was regulated by the government, so it’s safe. Right?

Until my children were born, and most recently my experience at IIN, the words ‘organic’ or ‘nontoxic’ were not important. I was utterly clueless about the chemically laden state of this world. Knowing what I know now, I just couldn’t sit still. I researched and studied all this like crazy. I couldn’t expose my young children to this and hope that this space can help you as well.

My journey all started with my dear Abby. This is her story and the reason why I’m so passionate about healthy choices in food and the products we buy.

Abby had eczema. Really badly. Learning from a lactation specialist and online, everything I was eating was passed on to my breastmilk to my child. Duh 🙂 Most newborns have sensitivities and most often the culprits are wheat and dairy. Mind you I wasn’t fully onboard with the concept of diets and quality of foods, but I’m telling you, seeing it affect my child in such painful ways, drove me to make alternations to my diet. Test and see, test and see.

She improved when making these changes but sometimes I would slip and indulge. New mommy, no sleep, hey it happens :). Abby paid for those indulges and knew this was the real deal, so I shaped up.

Learning to Live Non-toxic and Organic
Reading books and researching online about these sensitivities opened a new door for me. I tested so many products and spent a ton of money. yeah, not good, but I became so passionate about the subject. I even enrolled at IIN and became a certified health coach. I was all in at that point! I learned a lot and never looked back. As a family, we make choices to be non-toxic and organic. I opted to clean with vinegar and baking soda. I read labels. I contacted manufacturers to clarify claims. We’re getting better at eating more fresh and organic foods prepared from scratch.

Sharing is Caring
I was such a stress ball during and after my pregnancy with Abby and now know that her irritation issues were caused by multiple factors including diet during and after pregnancy, low quality supplements and antibiotics during pregnancy. I just didn’t know and was afraid to ask because I didn’t want to challenge my doctors’ advice. But I do now. This space is a collection of material that I wish I would have found when I was pregnant with Abby. I hope this space will help you make more informed choices. I am so passionate to change what we know is harmful, not just for ourselves but for our beautiful futures, our children. It has taken me years of learning, gathering information and questioning. I deeply care about our future and am so excited to share with you!

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