Simplify shopping for baby, toddler, mommy and daddy!

I’ve taken websites + Blogs + Retail Reviews + MORE and aggregated all this data to find the top products in the natural/organic/eco-friendly categories.

It all began when my daughter was born in late 2012.  Read here to get the longer version 🙂 .  Because of all her sensitivities, I was concerned about research that chemicals could still be leached in her baby bottles even though it said “BPA free.”  The product research on bottles didn’t end there…it was then crib mattress, teethers, best cloth diapering, organic clothes, non-toxic car seats, the list went on and on!  This site is a crib sheet of sorts of the various products that I’ve researched and tested.

My hope is that Eco Mama Lists will be a one stop source for parents that are seeking the safest and latest in all things baby, toddler, mommy and daddy so that more precious time can be spent with baby!   My mission is to help you quickly find non-toxic products for your child, providing information to make well-informed decisions on products, helping to pave a better future for our children and our planet.

I also want to dedicate this site to my children, Abby and Gabe.   You’ve continually make me a better person, a better mama every single day!   You’re miracle existence has made it a mission for me to be responsible and proactively passionate about caring for our planet and voicing against the excessive chemicals that reach us every day.

Wishing you a natural, healthy and happy journey with your new family!



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